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Need To Rent Out Your House?

Get Quality Tenants That Pay On Time & Take Care Of Your Property

Our Tenant Screening Process

Our signature tenant-screening initiatives earn & keeps the trust of property owners, year after year.


Our thorough tenant investigation process ensures we place quality tenants that will take care of your property and pay on time.

In the last 36 years, we’ve had zero evictions on tenants we’ve placed.

We’ll screen & place quality tenants in your property within 14 days or less.

We qualify every tenant with our vetting process:

  • Complete criminal background check. We compile all available information to identify dependable tenants for your property.
  • Credit history. We screen out applicants with low credit scores, past payment issues, and identify other negative patterns to eliminate high-risk prospective tenants.
  • Employment history. We make sure every tenant has verified, reliable income and reach out to employers when necessary.
  • Complete rental history verification. We look into all prospective tenants’ overall credit-worthiness — including their ability and willingness to pay rent on time and treat your home with respect.
Get Quality Tenants In 14 Days

Our Specials Make it Easier Than Ever to Get Started


6-Month Quality Tenant Guarantee


Owner Special: Get Your 1st Month FREE


Get Your House Rented In 14 Days Or Less*

*Our Average

We Take Care of The Entire Rental Management Process So You Don’t Have To

From executing the major tasks to taking care of the tiny details you haven’t thought of, we manage it all.

Our properties rent within 14 days on average — our marketing strategies make sure your property appears on all relevant rental websites, including Craigslist.

Weideal tenants who’ll take care of your property, and our record speaks for itself: in the last 36 years, we’ve never had a single tenant we’ve placed get evicted. You’ll rest easy knowing we closely follow the latest property management laws so we’re prepared to oversee any potential eviction processes from start to finish.

We put each of our tenants through a thorough tenant investigation process — including thorough criminal, credit, employment, and rental history (both current and prior) verification.


Your property stays in top condition as we coordinate repairs with your approval whenever we can — from routine repairs to 24/7 emergency maintenance. We carry out our thorough pre-listing and move-out inspections like clockwork, complete with photos and a summarized condition status of your property.

We’ll even throw in an annual property inspection with thorough documentation, including photographs — for free.

We make it as convenient as possible for your tenants to pay their rent on time using our direct deposit services and more.

Get help renting & managing your house